World Health Organization Recommends Fitness Regime for 18-65 Year Olds

World Health Organization Recommends Fitness Regime for 18-65 Year Olds

Conforming to the World Health Organization's "Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health" program, this specialized United Nations agency came up with a set of fitness recommendations for three age groups. These are comprised of 5-17 year-olds, 18-64 year-old and 65 years and older.

Physical Activity Recommendation for Individuals 18 to 64 Years Old

Adults covered in this age bracket are said to be physically active and their activities include leisure, transportation, occupational, household chores, plays, sports, games, and planned exercises. The World Health Organization recommends activities that will enhance the health condition of people in this age group especially when it comes to their cardio-respiratory system, bone health, and muscular fitness. The recommendation also focuses in reducing the possibility of acquiring non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and depression.

The WHO physical activity recommendation includes moderate aerobics for 150 minutes per week or more intense aerobic exercises for 75 minutes per week. Extra precautions are advised to those who are pregnant, have cardiac history and other sensitive conditions.

Physical Activity Recommendation for Individuals 65 Years Old and Older

For this particular age group, physical activities that can help improve the cardiorespiratory and muscular conditions of an individual are the focus. The WHO fitness recommendation also highlights activities that can ward off cognitive issues and depression, as well as the risk of NCDs. Individuals who cannot perform the recommended fitness activity are advised to get moving the moment their health improves.



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