What a 30-Minute Spin-Class Should Include

What a 30-Minute Spin-Class Should Include

Before you join a spin class, you should first know what to expect. A spin class is a high-intensity cycling workout that uses a stationary machine. Your legs are moving constantly and you can’t stop pedaling during the 30-minute session.


One of the things that a spin class should have is an instructor who will call out the intervals and this has a huge influence on the class. The instructor tells the class when to slow down and when to pedal hard.


The class should also provide spin bikes. The bikes must have resistance dials so that beginners and advanced cyclists alike can join the class. A beginner might want to be a little restrained while the advanced user can turn up the dial to maximum.


One of the best ways to motivate people is through music. A 30-minute spin class will have a playlist curated by the instructor. It features music that will make the participants move from start to end.


The workout will include a warm-up for at least five minutes. Then there will be single leg isolations that include left leg pedals, right leg pedals, and both legs pedal. You should repeat this circuit three times.


The next part of the workout is the Cadence that starts at 90 RPM, then transitions to 100 RPM, and finally easy riding. To get your cadence, count the number of times a leg goes around within 30 seconds. Then multiply that number by two. You should do this circuit three times.  


The last part of the workout is the cool-down period for at least five minutes. It is important to have a cool down from the workout to loosen up your legs. That way you can avoid stiffness in the legs the next day.   

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