Potbellies more dangerous than obesity

Potbellies more dangerous than obesity

We have been led to believe that people who are not obese are healthy. A person can be unhealthy even if they are not obese. Recent research indicates that people who have potbellies are unhealthier than those people who are obese.

The Body Mass Index, or BMI, has been used as a method to determine if a person has a normal weight or if they are carrying excess weight. Doctors and researchers have discovered that people who have a normal BMI but carry fat around their waist have more medical problems than people who have an abnormal BMI and no fat around their waist. In other words, the problem is in the fat stored around the belly, and not necessarily in the overall weight.

Apparently, the fat around the waist is extremely dangerous as it can trigger a large number of medical conditions. The fat in this area is also the last place you will lose weight when you diet. In order to get rid of it, it is not enough to exercise. As a matter of fact, your diet is more important than the exercise when it comes to losing weight around the waist.

If you carry weight around your middle, you should discuss your diet with a doctor and a nutritionist to plan changes in your lifestyle. Be ready to make some changes in your lifestyle in order to keep yourself healthy and active and to get rid of the potbelly.

It is necessary to follow a balanced diet in order to keep your body weight under control, so focus on fibers, vegetables and fruits and reduce the consumption of “empty calories”, or foods that have many calories and no nutritional value.


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