Four exercises using a foam roller.

Four exercises using a foam roller.

Foam rolling is a type exercise that provides myofascial release, which means that it gets rids of some knots that form in your muscles that if left untreated can affect your mobility.

Here are four exercises that you can practice at home.  All you need is a yoga mat and a good foam roller.  Foam rollers are now available in many sizes and shapes.  Ask your vendor which one is more convenient to you given your level of training. 

The Effectiveness of Foam Rolling

Experts agree that muscle massage can help get rid of stiff muscles. Many trainers are calling the foam roller an inexpensive, tube-form secret weapon against pain.  

The Routines

These routines will only represent 10 minute of your time. They are effective exercises designed to keep you moving and rolling all the time. 

To soothe back pain

Place the foam roller horizontally as you lie on your back over the foam.  Your knees must be bent, feet flat, and hands behind your head.  With your abs tightened and pressing down with your feet, you are going slowly rock from the top of your spine to the bottom and repeat. Find a tender spot and work that part. 

Butt, hips and to soothe sore knees

Lie down on one side with the foam roller under your left hip. Press the floor with your feet and move sideways just below the hip to above the knee. 

Hamstring and Calves

Sit with one leg extended rolling comfortably over a foam roller. Make sure your other knee is bent, that your foot is set straight on the floor.  Now, just roll back and forth from buttock to knee.  Try to find a sore spot to work over. 


Lie face down with thighs on top of the roller. Roll between hips and knees. As you roll between hips and knees, check for sore spots and work on them. 

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